Build your own campaing and analyse its results

A simple yet powerful system to deliver your campaigns

With Maildome, you can easily set the parameters of the email to be sent including graphics, technical settings and delivery schedule. Immediately after campaign launch, Maildome provides a series of advanced statistics and the ability to make any necessary changes during the process.


Create your graphics

The content and graphics of the message is of fundamental importance for the success of your campaign. Maildome provides you with a rich set of optimized templates, easy to modify and customize. Furthermore, it provides important indications and warnings on HTML errors


Deliver your campaign

Before delivery, enter the campaign name and category, the domain to send from and the "Reply to" name. You can also select unsubscription pages, privacy and terms and conditions. Segment your database automatically according to gender and spending profile, or decide to send only to certain virtual lists. Plan the date and time of delivery or save the campaign created.


Monitor statistics

After campaign launch, you can immediately check delivery progress to adopt possible corrective measures should issues arise. Our software automatically suggests the best actions to optimise your email marketing campaign.


Drill down into campaign results

Through a simple and intuitive control panel, you will gain instant insight into every detail of the campaign's progress including openings, clicks, errors, unsubscribes, geographical distribution and devices. All data can be segmented through the use of different types of filters.


Improve peformance – one delivery at a time

Statistics analysis helps in adopting the best strategies to refine your campaigns.By thorouhgly analysing your users’ behaviour, you can understand where to intervene, improving delivery after delivery the engagement of your database and, therefore, your deliverability, openings and conversion rates.