Advanced statistics system

Review your email marketing campaing details

Besides providing a general view of your email marketing campaign performance, Maildome offers advanced information that goes beyond the usual metrics around age, gender, location and device. Through different filters, you can examine the most relevant aspects, understand specific details about errors, devices and the operating system whereby your message was displayed..


Email sent

Email accepted

Opening rate

Click rate

Bounces and errors



Real-time campaign progress monitoring

IImmediately after the campaign launch, statistical real-time data for your campaign becomes available. With this infomation at your fingertips, you can promptly recognise any errors and take corrective action.

Openings and clicks

For each campaign, Maildome shows the total and unique click and opening rates, user details with date, geographical location, client used and IP address. For your convenience, data are also broken down by day, time slot, and the domains and locations from which individual users come


Daily report

Compare daily data on openings and clicks. View rates and the date and time when each user engaged.

Time slot report

Check the time slots in which your users make more openings or clicks. View unique opening rates.

Domain trends

Check the number of emails sent to different domains ( , , , etc.) and the percentage of clicks and openings.

Location details

Capture the geographical distribution of cities where openings and clicks arise. View the distribution on the map or check the table.


Discover the type of device whereby your users have read the email. View the mail client used and the operating system, as well as the number of openings, click and unsubscribe events


Errors and bounces

Maildome presents a sophisticated and extremely detailed error analysis system. Errors are broken down by day and time slot and, for each one of them, you can view the date, the provider, the type of error and the description

What is a bounce?

A bounce occurs when an email "bounces" back; i.e., it is sent back from the server to which it was addressed. With Maildome, it is possible to automatically remove invalid email addresses, so as to keep the contact list clean and not compromise the reputation of the sender domains.

Hard bounce

A hard bounce is a permanent error and occurs when the recipient email address is invalid (non-existent domain name, incorrect syntax, modified address) or when the sending server has been blocked by the receiving server. Maildome automatically inserts hard bounces into a blacklist.

Soft bounce

"A soft bounce" is a temporary error and occurs when the recipient's mailbox is full, the server it is inactive, or the message is too large. The message arrives at the recipient's mail server, but is sent back to the sender before the user receives it.