The new era of email marketing

Where it all began...

Why does Maildome herald a new era for email marketing?

After over 12 years of direct experience using delivery platforms, both as email marketers and as technicians and specialists in the sector, we found that none of the solutions on the market met our needs in full.

That is why we decided to build Maildome: an innovative product, designed to turn the usual standards on their head whilst solving all the problems faced by professional email marketeers.

Differences between sending platforms

In many situations, we found that our databases and those of some of our customers showed completely different conversion rates for openings and clicks when using different platforms; this depended on technical, technological or infrastructure factors.
We regularly received blockages or penalties on one platform, but not on another.

«Why all these differences between the platforms?»
«Why does my own DB show an opening rate of 6% on one platform and 8% on another?»
«Why is my own DB blocked on a platform for all Gmail contacts but not on another platform?»

The answer that the email marketers were looking for

In most cases, the platforms we used failed to provide convincing answers to these, and other, questions, thus compromising our revenues and those of our customers.

Fortunately, we had the technical solutions and the right answers and, hence, we decided to get involved and build a delivery platform to meet our needs, which match those of all professional email marketeers.

«Maildome», a revolutionary project in the field of email marketing

To that end, we brought together the top development and networking resources and created «Maildome», a single platform to meet the requirements that market players could not address with currently available solutions.

Driven by a strong will to deliver a non-standard product, we decided to start from scratch by creating our own MTA (Mail Transfer Agent). Even if many underestimate this feature, we regard the delivery engine as the fundamental platform element for guaranteeing high quality standards.


MaildomeMTA, cutting-edge delivery engine

Maildome features an advanced proprietary engine that guarantees high performance and large delivery volumes. The MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) is the server responsible for storing and transporting emails to different providers. The MTA's technical potential and features largely determine the deliverability and final effectiveness of the submission process.

maildome-mta maildome-mta maildome-mta


Enhanced submission capabilities

Our proprietary MTA offers significantly better performance than open-source MTAs, such as Postfix, Exim and Qmail, and other commercial MTAs. Based on parallel algorithms and multi-threading technology, MaildomeMTA is designed for delivering large email volumes, and features reputation management, delivery priority and SMTP protocol management.

We meet all basic requirements of professional email marketeers

Delivery performance

Campaign data analysis

Database targeting and segmentation

Transparency on deliverability

Reputation of delivery domains

Database management

Multi-domain management

Campaign creation

The performing, reliable and complete email marketing platform

Maildome is a delivery platform developed by a team of professionals constantly engaged in the research and study of new digital marketing methodologies and solutions. It features all the tools necessary for designing successful email marketing campaigns.


Latest campaign data

Overview of the latest campaign statistics on the dashboard. Check the number of openings, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes.


Domain reputation

Verify the reputation status of your domains through our advanced verification system and Senderscore.



Check whether your campaign has been viewed by more users using desktop computers or mobile devices.


Inbox placement

Thanks to the Inbox placement box, you can check the percentage of emails delivered to the inbox, whilst the tab area offers information on spam-bound and undelivered emails.


Trends for the last 30 days

The last-30-day trend chart helps to verify the progress of your latest campaigns.



Compare deliverability data among different email providers (percentage of emails accepted compared to mailings).


Check your campaign data from every angle

Maildome offers a complete overview of all campaign data. Drill down and analyse as much as required by selecting the relevant metrics. Our statistics system – among the most modern and sophisticated on the market – provides in-depth insight on campaign progress.


Super-advanced statistics

Maildome features an advanced statistics system that scrutinises your campaign progress and performance, provides detailed delivery reports, and profiles users in your databases.

Analyse trends in detail
following delivery

One of the cornerstones of improved deliverability lies in campaign statistics analysis to optimise future mailing processes. Maildome provides a broad and detailed range of statistics: hard bounces, soft bounces, temporary and permanent errors, widely analysed and motivated, data on openings, clicks and unsubscribes, reports on the best and worst domains.


Everything you need for your email marketing campaigns

With Maildome, you have access to all data and the fundamental metrics to create optimal campaigns.


High deliverability rates

Deliverability is the ability of emails to reach the recipient's inbox. By means of our powerful and effective proprietary delivery engine, we can guarantee high deliverability rates with all major providers.


Detailed statistics

Our statistics system is extremely detailed and nuanced. It provides insight on every user feature, including age, location, the device from which the email was opened, and personal preferences.


Profiling and automated segmentation

Thanks to our profiling methods, you can send communications that are invariably aligned with the recipients' interests. Moreover, the automated database segmentation system is designed to boost your campaign performance.


Multi-domain and virtual lists

Our SMTP servers are configured with multiple IP addresses to maintain a consistently high domain reputation. By means of virtual lists, you can select a database section to execute a targeted campaign without duplicating any contacts.


IP and domain reputation monitor

Maildome features a technologically advanced system that automatically implements all measures necessary to raise the reputation level of IP addresses (Greylisting, DKIM, DNSBL, SPF, DMARC, link analysis and user feedback).


Inbox Placement

Our solution guarantees a high "inbox placement" rate, i.e., the ability to reach a user's inbox, via in-depth analysis and optimisation combined with a constant list-cleaning effort.

Create your campaign; submit, monitor and analyse results

Execute your email marketing campaigns in simple steps and analyse the results


1. Design creative materials

Create your own message graphics using one of the preset templates or use the integrated HTML editor to create your own communication from scratch.


2. Submit your campaign

Set campaign data for the category and sender domains. Choose your target group by segmenting the database using filters and virtual lists and plan the delivery


3. Monitor statistics

Real-time management of campaign progress by tracking openings and clicks, alongside procedures to stop, pause or cancel the delivery.


4. Analyse results

Analyse final campaign reports. Get the full picture of your users' behaviour and optimise future submissions based on your results.

Create engaging emails with our templates

Maildome offers dozens of pre-set templates using optimised and fully responsive HTML and CSS. Choose one and customise it to your liking by modifying existing elements or adding new ones.

Maximum deliverability with all mail providers

Maildome is designed to handle large email submission flows whilst ensuring high deliverability rates


What does good deliverability mean?

Sending an email may seem simple, and indeed it is so. However, making sure that a particular email reaches an inbox is a much more challenging endeavour. Thanks to our solution and the continuous research undertaken by our team, we can guarantee very high inbox placement rates. Unfortunately, the quality index of a communication and its relative inbox deliverability do not depend exclusively on the technology used; the reputation of the sender domains and the engagement that users have towards a given sender also play a decisive role. We are therefore committed to respecting all best practices for good deliverability, although this effort must always go hand in hand with outstanding quality in customer communications.

Increase the reputation of your domains

The reputation level of the IP address is crucial to the success of your email marketing campaigns. Maildome helps you in adopting all best practices – even the lesser known ones – to ensure that your domains maintain an optimal reputation at all times, guaranteeing effective delivery and a strong "inbox placement" rate.



Maildome applies encryption and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) codes to your emails. We also rely on the SPF record, which identifies servers authorised to send emails on behalf of your domain.



Our platform analyses message content and indicates in real time whether any keywords or characters could negatively affect the campaign yield.



Moreover, our staff follows you step-by-step in the user engagement process, monitoring the involvement level arising from opening rates, the time spent in visualisation, and the replies.


Database cleanup

Our system performs a duplicate check when importing the database and upon submission. Furthermore, it provides information on the actions required to ensure your lists remain clean.

Keep track of your domain reputation status

The dashboard displays the updated real-time score of your domains. The first figure is a score calculated by our platform using various reputation parameters. The second figure is the Senderscore score of ReturnPath, one of the world's leading institutions for email reputation. You can view the daily trend of your domain reputation on a chart.



Create virtual lists to profile your database

Considering the heterogeneity of our database users is key to successful campaigns. With our platform, you can create dynamic lists based on your own profiles and segments; needless to say, we have done much more than just create a filter based on list criteria. In fact, we have built a tool for user analysis and automated segmentation; a system that, over time, improves the profiling of your entire database, based on features such as your user's spending profile, reading preferences, mobility index, gender, detailed geo-location, product interest, job profile, and many others. Together, these tools allow profiling even of databases without profiling information, which leads to more targeted and effective campaigns.

Multi-domain management

You may have wondered how to manage multiple mailings with multiple domains without having to pay 3 or 4 different platforms, or engage in multiple contracts: Maildome solves this complex problem too. Using our platform, you can configure multiple submission domains that can be associated with different or identical IP classes (this will be at your complete discretion). More interestingly, these domains can be used in a completely automatic way as regards your database. You can segment your database into several parts by associating every single part with a specific domain and a specific IP class, or you can ask the system to do so automatically.


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