About us

A professional team with 12 years of email marketing experience

Maildome is a state-of-the-art email marketing platform designed and developed by a team of professionals with over 12 years of experience in digital marketing. Our skills help us analyse and fully understand the mechanisms underlying mail delivery, thus developing the best solution for every need. We can offer complete and professional consultancy services to boost the performance of your online marketing projects.

Our software is designed to meet every need of email marketing professionals. With our platform, you can send unlimited emails at unbeatable prices. We guarantee 99% of emails get delivered to recipients' inboxes. We feature advanced, real-time statistics designed to fix errors in real time upon submission.

Technology and development

Maildome's programming team is made up of professionals with a wealth of experience in IT development and web technologies. Our platform is founded on a solid and advanced technological infrastructure; each tool is studied, optimised and tested to guarantee top performance levels.

Strategic analysis

Over the past twelve years, we have gained extensive experience in online and email marketing. Our experts constantly analyse the algorithms and policies adopted by various email providers, and work relentlessly to develop email marketing plans and optimal and effective solutions.


A high-performance platform

Our platform is the perfect solution for companies whose business is driven by email marketing. It encompasses all tools required for the optimised and mass submission of advertising communications, in line with the best practices underlying successful campaigns.


Maildome supports non-profit organisations and promotes eco-sustainability

Our company is concerned with promoting a philanthropic and ecologically sustainable culture. Accordingly, we offer free support to non-profit organisations and associations. We also strive to limit the emissions of our servers to the absolute minimum by adopting a green operational approach.

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Are you a non-profit organisation? If so, Maildome is FREE for you

Are you a non-profit organisation? If so, take advantage of our service totally for free! Our company has the ideal tools to reach large numbers of people; hence, we offer our infrastructure for noble and beneficial purposes.

Environmental responsibility and ethics

We strive every day to minimise the environmental impact of our work tools. Our servers comply with an environmental sustainability protocol, to which we voluntarily adhere. Furthermore, our company provides a preferential channel for companies engaged in the dissemination of ethical and environmentally sustainable values.