Antispam Policy

What is Maildome?

Maildome is a professional email marketing platform that allows you to send email messages such as newsletters, promotions, automatic emails and text messages.

What do we do in the case of non-compliant use?

Any illegal use by any of our customers will be reported to the competent authorities; uses deemed non-compliant with European regulations will not be allowed on our platform.

What anti-spam checks do we perform?

Before using our services, all our customers sign a contract and a document relating to anti-spam rules: no customer will ever send communications without prior explicit consent from the final user, which can be attested through a relevant document containing all registration information. Our company does not deal with the sale or transfer of personal data to third parties; therefore, no data managed by us or by our customers will ever be transferred to third parties. Failure by one of our customers to comply with the privacy policy or the submission of an abuse report without corresponding counter-proof will result in immediate suspension and reporting. All our customers are required to collect email addresses in compliance with European and national legislation, without exception. Should a dispute arise, all information in our possession will be communicated to the competent authorities as proof of our complete lack of involvement in any facts that may have occurred.

Privacy policy

Our customers are required under their contracts to insert an unsubscribe link in all communications sent via our platform. Any customers using techniques to prevent unsubscribing will be immediately suspended from the service. To unsubscribe from the newsletter of one of our customers, simply click on the unsubscribe link in the communication received.

Reporting abuse

Se pensi di aver ricevuto una email tramite la nostra piattaforma senza aver mai prestato il tuo consenso a riceverla ti preghiamo di segnalarcelo al seguente indirizzo [email protected]